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As discussed in ‘A Contribution to Creativity’ in this series, technology platforms have opened up new mechanisms to reflect, embody and proliferate the core values of different communities. Core values such as family values, environmental justice, or the desire for specific foods are implicit compasses that guide human actions. While mainstream social media platforms are deliberately filtering core values in weighted proportions, this article proposes a blockchain-based token economy to safeguard the core values of communities in a bottom-up manner.

Our value system is structured like an onion — as we peel off the layers, getting closer to the centre, we burst into tears before we finally reach the core values. Politicians and marketing people use ‘core values’ as a catchphrase, but in reality, we rarely discuss our deeply cherished…

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As social media platforms proficiently feed users with self-affirming posts and pleasant experiences, the adverse effect is that people get trapped in their mental comfort zones, losing touch with different communities and alternative viewpoints. Opinion leaders find themselves in endless pursuit of reach, public opinion becomes polarised, and people with opposite viewpoints lose the capacity and interest to converse. Remedies to this social engineering experiment can be found in fact checking and assistive intelligence.

It is natural to surround oneself with like-minded people. However, if an echo chamber is created, you are cut off from the outside world and lose contact with people of different opinions. This can lead to many social problems, including the polarisation of public opinion.

Algorithms deliver different information to different people

The echo chamber effect is…

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In recent decades the internet has transformed how people share knowledge, but the web has also diverted from its early promise of democratisation. One problem is a reward system largely built upon free content, with an advertising model based on page views and artificial intelligence algorithms. Currently, rewards mainly go to media platforms instead of original content creators, leading to market distortion and frustrated expectations. This is the first in a three-article series.

Free online content has been the norm for 30 years, yet efforts to monetise content persist. Anyone who has conducted an online search would have come across the ‘404 Not Found’ page, but very few know about the ‘402 Payment Required’ page. Numbers such as 401, 402, 403 and 404…

Civic Liker 2.0 launched

Edmond (Operations & Marketing)

Statistics‌ and Insights

  • Page views of creators page rise 13% after Civic Liker 2.0 launched on 19 Dec. First week unique page views of sponsor links ([Liker DI]/civic) is 2636.
  • Number of weekly active creators stay almost unchanged after Civic Liker 2.0 launched (-0.3%)
  • (bi-weekly) New app download : 445(-12.9%), …

Date & Time

  • 2020.12.07 (Mon) 1820–1900 (GMT +8)
LikeCoin community call #202012 (45 mins)

🇺🇳 中文版請到 Matters | Chinese version at Matters


1. To discuss the optimal inflation rate of LikeCoin chain

Inflation raised to 2% with the passing of proposal #5. Civic Liker upgrade approaching.

Edmond (Operations & Marketing)

Statistics‌ and Insights

  • Page views of the soft launched portfolio page: 1559, unique creators page visited: 615
  • Last 30 days 881 new Liker ID registered from unknown channel, which make up 46.32% of registrations from non-Media platforms, 28.28% of total registrations. …

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